10,000 Free Genome Scans Too Good to be Tru? TruGenetics Announces Fundraising Difficulties

It was just over two months ago that TruGenetics splashed onto the DTC genomics scene with a promise of free genome scans for its first 10,000 participants.

Both here and over at Genetic Future, questions were raised about the TruGenetics business model.  Based on the email that I just received from the company, it appears that TruGenetics’ potential investors had similar concerns:

Dear Registrant,

Thank you for participating in TruGenetics’ pre-registration Beta.

We wanted to inform you that despite our best efforts and contrary to our expectations, our funding sources did not come through and to date, we have been unable to secure funding for launching our genome scanning program. Given the current economic climate, we are also unsure how long the funding process will take.

We understand that some of you may want to seek genome scanning services from other companies. Therefore, we are offering you the option to remove your information from our database. Using your username and password, you can log on to www.trugenetics.com and delete your record from our database at your convenience.

We will continue our fundraising efforts and we will inform you of any progress toward our goal.

Again, we appreciate you pre-registering with TruGenetics.


TruGenetics Management Team

It’s not a complete capitulation, but it doesn’t sound promising.  At least for the moment, the free genome scans will continue to go to the senior athletes.