The Weekly Twitter Roundup

Each week there are a number of stories and developments that, for one reason or another, don’t find their way into a full-length posting on the Genomics Law Report. Here’s a recap of what I was Tweeting this week @genomicslawyer:

  • A Dip in the Gene Pool: Richard Powers on Generosity, Personal Genomics, and his new novel:
  • First Hearing Held in the ACLU/Myriad Breast Cancer Gene Patents Litigation: Ruling expected later this month
  • In Praise of Universal Coverage from a Genomics Perspective: (from @crossborderbio via @gw_dailyscan)
  • Op-Ed: You Think Your Kid Can Dance – What Do the Genes Say? (HT @DukeIGSP)
  • What ELSI is New? Genomics Law Report announces guest commentary series:
  • The New, Fast Gene Machine A great look (literally) at PacBio & next-gen seq that I missed last wk, via @matthewherper
  • Halcyon Molecular promises 100% whole-genome sequencing for $10 in < 10 min No timetable provided
  • NIMH Stimulus Grant to Fund Whole-Genome Seq in Children w/ Autism “All genetic seq data will be made publicly avail”
  • RT @girlscientist: I didn’t even know deCODE had an Illinois facility to close.
  • Petition Filed Against UK’s DNA-Based Nationality Testing (via @ScienceNOW @ScienceInsider)
  • Hand held genetic testing device from DNA electronics: Intriguing, but not yet reality (HT @blaine_5, @attilacsordas)
  • Why Your ZIP Code May Be More Important to Your Health Than Your Genetic Code: (HT @ahier)
  • NCI’s New BRCA1 Test: Broader Utility and Another Challenge to Traditional Genetic Tests:
  • RT @blaine_5: Might be late on this one – MIT Technology Review: “A Turning Point for Personal Genomes”
  • Personal #Genomes Get Very Personal The story of Hugh Rienhoff’s quest to understand his daughter’s genome
  • RT @danielg280: RT @PrivacyLaw: “Doctors mistakenly fax patients’ data to Indiana company”
  • Why the Errors of the Human Provenance Project Will Echo Beyond the U.K.’s Borders:
  • RT @PHGFoundation: Guidance on patient confidentiality and genetic diseases
  • RT @gw_dailyscan: Where Are You From?: The UK’s Border Agency to DNA test some asylum-seekers.
  • Scientists decry the Human Provenance project: Reactions range from “flawed” to “horrifying” and are spot on
  • Prometheus and Medical Methods Patents

Thanks to Jeremy Grushcow of the highly recommended Cross-Border Biotech Blog for drawing my attention to the need for a weekly Twitter recap.