Welcome to Genomes Unzipped

I’m pleased to announce the beta launch of a new community resource for personal genomics, Genomes Unzipped.

I’ve been working with a group of colleagues on this project for quite a while now. Some of the group members will be familiar to regular readers of the Genomics Law Report, including Daniel MacArthur from Genetic Future, Luke Jostins from Genetic Inference and Caroline Wright from the PHG Foundation. Others are new to the online personal genomics community, but have scientific training in genomic analysis, statistical genetics and other fields that allow them to offer valuable insight into personal genomics issues. We’ll be adding more names to that list over the next few weeks.

So what can you expect from Genomes Unzipped (or GNZ, as we’ve taken to calling it)? The goal of GNZ is to provide the basic knowledge and tools that individuals interested in personal genomics need to explore their own genetic information in a responsible, informed manner. To start, GNZ will feature technical analyses of personal genomics developments and services from a diverse range of viewpoints and backgrounds. Examples will include detailed analysis of the scientific basis of tests offered by personal genomics companies, dissections of important new papers in the field and discussion of the ethical, legal and social issues presented by new developments in this rapidly evolving field.

GNZ is also planning bigger things for the site over the next few months. You can track these developments via RSS or Twitter.