Robinson Bradshaw

Author: Adam Doerr

Newborn Blood Spot Litigation: 70 Days to Destroy 5+ Million Samples

Sometime in the next few months, Texas will destroy more than 5 million blood samples collected from newborn babies across the state over the past seven years. The lawsuit that led to this result—agreed to as part of a settlement reached between the state and a civil rights group representing a group of parents—illustrates a […]

Enabling Responsible Public Genomics

In the few short months since its launch, we’ve found the Genomics Law Report to be a flexible forum for discussing the legal implications of current developments in the fields of genomics and personalized medicine. Often what reaches the pages of the GLR, however, represents only the highlights from more detailed research and analysis that […]

The “Wrongful Life” Debate

As briefly mentioned in a prior post and discussed in a Connecticut opinion released last Friday, courts continue struggling to apply standard negligence principles in the context of genetic science, especially in the area of “wrongful life.” In a typical wrongful life case, a physician or geneticist fails to diagnose a severe genetic problem in […]

Strict Liability for Sperm?

The ABA Journal notes an interesting case from a federal district court Pennsylvania,  Donovan v. Idant Laboratories (pdf). In 1995, Donna Donovan, the plaintiff, was artificially inseminated with sperm provided by Idant Laboratories, the defendant. Ms. Donovan signed a consent form in which Idant represented that “(1) semen stored at Idant is exceptionally safe; (2) […]

“Three Generations of Imbeciles Are Enough”

So wrote Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. in Buck v. Bell, a 1927 Supreme court case upholding a Virginia law that authorized the state to surgically sterilize certain “mental defectives” without their consent. The fascinating and disturbing history of the case is covered in a recent USA Today article. Carrie Buck was a patient in […]