Robinson Bradshaw

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A Lawyer’s Guide to CRISPR Gene Editing

In October 2018, I chaired a North Carolina Law Review Symposium on the ethical, legal and policy implications of gene editing. The collected papers from the Symposium are about to appear in a special issue of the Review (v. 97, 2019). In that issue, authors from diverse disciplines explore gene editing’s significant implications for law, […]

Clash of Titans: The Fight Over the CRISPR Gene-Editing Patent Rights

As we noted in previous posts in the Genomics Law Report (now, The Privacy Report), a major dispute over patent rights to CRISPR (for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats)-Cas9 systems broke out in January 2016 between Feng Zhang and the Harvard–MIT-affiliated Broad Institute on one side and Jennifer Doudna and the University of California–Berkeley […]