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Is There an Obligation to Return Genetic Data to Research Participants? Kaiser Responds to 23andMe’s TEDMED Criticism

Earlier today, in the latest installment of the What ELSI is New? series, Daniel MacArthur asked a question that has cropped up repeatedly in recent weeks and months as part of the broader discourse surrounding genetic research and commerce: what rights should individuals have to gain access to their personal genetic or genomic data? MacArthur’s […]

Kaiser’s Massive Genetic Database Leverages Its Patient Population (But It’s A One Way Street)

This week MIT’s Technology Review featured a story about Kaiser Permanente and its plans to use its Northern California patients to construct an enormous genetic database. The acronym-unfriendly Research Program on Genes, Environment, & Health, or RPGEH is funded in large part by a $25 million NIH research grant courtesy of February’s stimulus bill. The […]

U.K. Human Genetics Commission Proposes Principles for DTC Genetic Testing Services

Last month, the Human Genetics Commission, the U.K. government’s genetics advisory body, issued for public comment a “Common Framework of Principles” for direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing services. The Principles are derived from earlier reports by the Commission (Genes Direct (2003) (pdf) and More Genes Direct (2007) (pdf)) and seek to: …promote high standards and consistency in the […]

New Fuel for the Genomic Privacy Debate

The growth of prominent genomics research and direct-to-consumer (DTC) commercial services that combine genomic data with phenotypic data, environmental data and personal health surveys continues to spur debate over the appropriate privacy safeguards and expectations for individuals who participate in such research or enroll in such services. From large-scale genomic research projects such as the […]

Navigenics Announces Clinical Partnership with Toronto’s Medcan Clinic

Genetic testing provider Navigenics has announced a partnership with the Medcan Clinic, a preventive healthcare clinic located in Toronto, Canada. According to the press release, Medcan will use a version of the Navigenics genotyping service, in combination with family history information, to offer patients an analysis of those “genetic risks that are clinically actionable, allowing […]

Genomic Research Goes DTC

The first generation of Direct-to-Consumer genetic testing and sequencing was populated by companies such as 23andMe, Navigenics and deCODEme that offered genotyping for a limited set of conditions, focusing primarily on genealogy and monogenic traits. As the cost of generating genetic data continued to decline new companies brought new commercial offerings to the table, including […]