Robinson Bradshaw

Topic: Duke University

New Diagnostic Guidelines and DTC Testing for Alzheimer’s Disease

Last month, the National Institute on Aging and the Alzheimer’s Association issued new diagnostic guidelines that divide Alzheimer’s disease into three distinct stages, reflecting recent evidence that the disease begins to affect the brain years before symptoms become evident. The expanded definition of Alzheimer’s includes two new phases of the disease: (1) presymptomatic and (2) mildly […]

SACGHS Chair: Put Patients Before Patents

This afternoon, the journal Genetics in Medicine released an online-only supplement analyzing the relationship between gene patents and genetic testing. The bulk of the issue is devoted to a series of 8 case studies surrounding 10 clinical conditions. The case studies were undertaken over the past several years by researchers at Duke University’s Center for […]

Duke Finds a Second Alzheimer’s Gene—What Does It Mean?

The recent discovery of a gene linked to Alzheimer’s disease provides a timely context for revisiting the significance of gene patents. Researchers at Duke University Medical Center recently announced that they have identified a second gene (called TOMM40) associated with an increased risk of late-onset Alzheimer’s, which affects people over the age of 65. A […]