Robinson Bradshaw

Topic: healthcare

Cleveland Clinic Pathologist Urges Contract Solution for Return of Genomic Data

The Cleveland Clinic’s Roger Klein responds to my previous GLR post: The Office of Civil Rights’ interpretation of the requirements of 45 CFR § 164 could pose problems for clinical laboratories and the professionals who practice within them. Although the issue of providing benign variants for a single gene, at least prospectively, would be straightforward, […]

UNC Geneticist Comments on Testing Laboratories’ Duty to Return Genomic Data to Patients

UNC’s Karen Weck responds to my previous GLR post: I agree in principle that patients have the right to access their genomic data; however, in practice it is much more complicated (as things often are). Giving a patient his/her raw sequencing data would be meaningless – it is the interpretation of the clinical significance of […]

GLR Update: Australia Tackles Disclosure of Genetic Information without Consent

Last fall, the Genomics Law Report reviewed new medical confidentiality guidance from the U.K. General Medical Council (GMC) and wondered whether the “public interest” was a sufficient justification for the disclosure of patients’ genetic information without their consent. Since that time, Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has tackled the same issue, publishing new […]