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Topic: James Evans

Restricting Gene Patents: A Pro-Market Agenda

This commentary is contributed by James P. Evans, clinical professor genetics and medicine at the University of North Carolina and Editor-in-Chief of Genetics in Medicine. Gene patents have been controversial since they were first granted in the US over two decades ago. The controversy is now reaching a fevered pitch after a surprising US District […]

“From Gulf Oil to Snake Oil”: Congress Takes Aim at DTC Genetic Testing

It has been a busy week in Washington for direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing companies. Following public FDA meetings and a new round of FDA device notification letters earlier in the week, representatives from three major DTC genetic testing companies (23andMe, Navigenics and Pathway Genomics) were hauled in front of Congress today to defend their companies, their […]

SACGHS Chair: Put Patients Before Patents

This afternoon, the journal Genetics in Medicine released an online-only supplement analyzing the relationship between gene patents and genetic testing. The bulk of the issue is devoted to a series of 8 case studies surrounding 10 clinical conditions. The case studies were undertaken over the past several years by researchers at Duke University’s Center for […]