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The Genome In Silico and the Future of Whole-Genome Sequencing

In my previous post summarizing last weekend’s conference on Genetics and Ethics in the 21st Century I briefly mentioned Professor John Robertson’s discussion of the “genome in silico.” Using Illumina’s recently announced $48,000 whole-genome sequencing service as an example, Robertson wondered whether the future of whole-genome sequencing lies in converting the genome to silicon storage […]

Pathway Genomics Launches and a Look Back at Two Years of DTC Genomics

Pathway Genomics became the latest entrant in the consumer genomics space when it publicly launched its new direct-to-consumer (DTC) genotyping service this morning. Pathway provides genotyping (or SNP testing) for a variety of genetic traits and markers including ancestral testing for $199, health and disease testing for $249 and both the health and ancestry service […]

Genomic Research Goes DTC

The first generation of Direct-to-Consumer genetic testing and sequencing was populated by companies such as 23andMe, Navigenics and deCODEme that offered genotyping for a limited set of conditions, focusing primarily on genealogy and monogenic traits. As the cost of generating genetic data continued to decline new companies brought new commercial offerings to the table, including […]

Recap from the Consumer Genetics Show: Illumina Gets Personal in Advance of the Coming Bioinformatics Bottleneck

The first annual Consumer Genetics Show took place last week (June 9-11) in Boston, MA. With much anticipation — and some uncertainty about what to expect from the inaugural event — research, commercial and thought innovators from across the country came together to discuss the present and the future of consumer genetics technologies and services and the […]