Robinson Bradshaw

Topic: Navengics

Transparency First: A Proposal for DTC Genetic Testing Regulation

These are hectic days for the field of direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing. Every week, and sometimes every day, seems to bring a new development. Two weeks ago it was pharmacy giants Walgreens and CVS unveiling agreements with Pathway Genomics to offer Pathway’s genetic testing kits in drugstores nationwide, to which the FDA responded first by […]

Does Familiarity Breed Acceptance? New Program Encourages Young Doctors to Get Personal with DTC Genomics.

The Genomics Law Report launched its new series What ELSI is New? yesterday with guest commentaries from Hank Greely and Misha Angrist. One of the issues that both Greely and Angrist tackle—from different angles and with decidedly different styles—is the widely acknowledged shortage of health care professionals qualified to understand and interpret genomic information of […]