Robinson Bradshaw

Topic: New York Times

What Five FDA Letters Mean for the Future of DTC Genetic Testing

The FDA has published online letters sent to five personal genomics companies – 23andMe, Navigenics, deCODE Genetics, Knome and Illumina – informing the companies that they are manufacturing and selling medical devices without appropriate FDA premarket review and approval. No surprise that the news that the FDA has sent out letters to some of the […]

The New York Times vs. Personal Genomics: Much Ado About Not Very Much

Earlier this month, there was speculation that The New York Times was preparing a piece “attacking” the “fledgling industry” of personal genomics (see: Linda Avey Versus the New York Times). The article in question, by reporter Andrew Pollack, was published over the weekend and, in retrospect, it’s hard to see what all the hubbub was about. […]

The Importance of Balance in Evaluating DTC Genomics

Earlier this week the New York Times published a generally alarmist and one-sided piece (“Buyer Beware of Home DNA Tests”) advising consumers to steer clear of direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing and genomic services providers. The Times piece advises consumers to opt instead for a certified medical geneticist or genetic counselor even as it acknowledges, in […]

Crowd-Sourcing vs. Open-Sourcing in Consumer Genomics

The New York Times yesterday described the emerging phenomenon of utilizing patient and online communities to jumpstart scientific research. In a previous post (Genomic Research Goes DTC) I discussed this trend, as well as a number of the legal uncertainties surrounding this new research model, particularly in the case of genomic research conducted by private […]