Robinson Bradshaw

Topic: Research Revolution

23andMe’s New Game Plan: What it Means for the Company and for DTC Genetic Testing

Late Friday afternoon, direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing company 23andMe announced a change in its game plan. Currently, 23andMe offers a single product – a $399 genotyping service that provides customers access to information about their genetic ancestry as well as genetic variants linked to certain other traits and diseases, including diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and certain […]

DTC Genomic Research: Revolution or Minor Uprising?

This is the fourth of four related posts analyzing 23andMe’s decision to separate its health and ancestry DTC genetic testing services. For more please see 23andMe’s New Game Plan: What it Means for the Company and for DTC Genetic Testing, A Fundamental Right to Genetic Information (Now More Expensive Than Before) and The Open Secret […]

Co-Founder Linda Avey Leaves 23andMe to Start New Alzheimer’s Foundation

DTC genomics company 23andMe announced late Friday afternoon that co-founder Linda Avey was leaving the personal genomics start-up, effective immediately, to begin work on a new foundation focusing on Alzheimer’s disease. Kara Swisher at BoomTown has the full scoop, including copies of internal emails to 23andMe employees from both Linda Avey and the company’s other co-founder, […]

Genomic Research Goes DTC

The first generation of Direct-to-Consumer genetic testing and sequencing was populated by companies such as 23andMe, Navigenics and deCODEme that offered genotyping for a limited set of conditions, focusing primarily on genealogy and monogenic traits. As the cost of generating genetic data continued to decline new companies brought new commercial offerings to the table, including […]