Robinson Bradshaw

Topic: sperm bank

Reproductive Genetic Screening: More Questions Than Answers

The Genomics Law Report has published a couple of guest commentaries recently dealing with genetic screening—a topic our own Adam Doerr also addressed in two posts this summer dealing with “wrongful life” claims brought against sperm banks by children with genetic diseases inherited from their donor fathers. Such claims are premised on the failure of […]

The “Wrongful Life” Debate

As briefly mentioned in a prior post and discussed in a Connecticut opinion released last Friday, courts continue struggling to apply standard negligence principles in the context of genetic science, especially in the area of “wrongful life.” In a typical wrongful life case, a physician or geneticist fails to diagnose a severe genetic problem in […]

Strict Liability for Sperm?

The ABA Journal notes an interesting case from a federal district court Pennsylvania,  Donovan v. Idant Laboratories (pdf). In 1995, Donna Donovan, the plaintiff, was artificially inseminated with sperm provided by Idant Laboratories, the defendant. Ms. Donovan signed a consent form in which Idant represented that “(1) semen stored at Idant is exceptionally safe; (2) […]