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Induced Infringement Heads to Supreme Court Amid Myriad Takeover Speculation

On Monday we wrote about the Salzberg Screen—a do-it-yourself alternative to Myriad’s BRACAnalysis test to identify deleterious mutations in the BRCA genes. We wondered whether the Salzberg Screen, which is intended to allow users to “circumvent [Myriad’s] gene patents,” could expose its designers to indirect patent infringement liability. In a related development, this week the […]

A Do-It-Yourself Genomic Challenge to Myriad, the FDA and the Future of Genetic Tests

Over the weekend, Steven L. Salzberg and Mihaela Pertea published a short but significant article in the journal Genome Biology. In “Do-it-yourself genetic testing,” Salzberg and Pertea describe the creation of “a computational screen that tests an individual’s genome for mutations in the BRCA genes, despite the fact that both are currently protected by patents.” […]