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DNA DTC: The Return of Direct to Consumer Whole Genome Sequencing

This morning, Gene By Gene, Ltd. – better known as the parent company of the popular genetic genealogy provider Family Tree DNA – formally announced a corporate reorganization that includes the debut of a new division, DNA DTC. (Apparently the news was also announced earlier this month at the Family Tree DNA Conference, although the company […]

Is deCODEme Taking a Page from the 23andMe Playbook?

Daniel MacArthur of Genetic Future provides coverage of the decision by direct-to-consumer (DTC) genomics service provider deCODEme to offer existing 23andMe customers the ability to upload their raw 23andMe data to the deCODEme service. For free. MacArthur correctly notes that the value of the genome scans provided by companies such as 23andMe and deCODEme lies […]

Genomic Research Continues To Go DTC

Way back in July I wrote about an emerging dimension in the DTC genomics space: direct-to-consumer genomic research. That article focused on the activities of 23andMe, and TruGenetics, which made a summertime splash by offering free genome scans to the first 10,000 individuals willing to contribute their genomic information to a commercial research database. While […]

What Happens if a DTC Genomics Company Goes Belly Up?

The following post was originally published in three parts on September 14, 15 and 16 in Genetic Future. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) genomics companies are not immune to the current recession. When TruGenetics, a new player in the DTC genomics space, announced in June that it would be handing out 10,000 free genome scans, both Genetic Future […]

What Happens When a Personal Genomics Company Goes Bankrupt

The first and second installments of a three-part series of guest posts by GLR contributors Daniel Vorhaus and Lawrence Moore are up today at Daniel MacArthur’s excellent Genetic Future blog. In this series, we consider what would happen to all of the personal information provided by customers of a personal genomics company if the company […]

10,000 Free Genome Scans Too Good to be Tru? TruGenetics Announces Fundraising Difficulties

It was just over two months ago that TruGenetics splashed onto the DTC genomics scene with a promise of free genome scans for its first 10,000 participants. Both here and over at Genetic Future, questions were raised about the TruGenetics business model.  Based on the email that I just received from the company, it appears […]

Genomic Research Goes DTC

The first generation of Direct-to-Consumer genetic testing and sequencing was populated by companies such as 23andMe, Navigenics and deCODEme that offered genotyping for a limited set of conditions, focusing primarily on genealogy and monogenic traits. As the cost of generating genetic data continued to decline new companies brought new commercial offerings to the table, including […]